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I am a post-doctoral researcher and developer of projects that fall under the scope of Optimization, Computational Geometry, Computer Vision, Approximation Theory, and Robotics. The geometrical nature makes the problems highly visual and allows to derive and apply complex computational algorithms.

My fascination about the interplay of complex mathematical theory and practical applications led to my undgraduate and graduate studies in Mathematics with minors in Computer Science and Engeneering Science at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. I completed both my diploma and PhD thesis at the Chair for Robotics and Embedded Systems at this university. In my doctoral work, I developed a technique for the optimal placement of multiple cameras in three-dimensional space in the context of a human-robot-cooperation. I achieved a doctoral and post-doctoral scholarship, one of which allowed a five months research stay at the University of Cambridge, UK, where I developed an optimization solver at the Cambridge Image Analysis group. As an elected member of the student council and co-founder of the alumni society, I was also engaged in several extracurricular activities. Thus, I have practical experience in graphics, layout, data bases, web developement.

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